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AGM established its Virtual Learning Environment to address the needs, interest, abilities, and learning styles of business owners, managers and individuals requiring the most desirable information possible to fulfill their goals and objectives.   

The acquisition of new knowledge and the ability to respond to changing market conditions is critical to remaining competitive and successful.     

In response to this need, AGM developed an entirely new Web-based, digital learning platform to accommodate the multivariate needs of businesses and individuals. 

Through our Web-based instructional program, we have designed and implemented an effective and efficient online program in two specific areas:  Essentials of Successful Government Contracting (ESGC) and Open Source Intelligence Tradecraft in Business (OSITB). 

The ESGC program was developed for those businesses interested in pursuing Government Contracts, whether it be in the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Interior, Agriculture, Energy, or Education, to mention only a few.  This program is a “soup to nuts” program that walks students through an entire program on how to do get into government contracting and the requisites necessary to remain there successfully.       

AGM developed The OSITB program for companies and individuals wanting to learn how to extract intelligence from everyday sources to remain competitive in the ever-changing world of business.   

Our Motto:  Providing truthful, relevant, and timely information…conveniently!

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